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Creator Club Members



A brand-new program reserved for LOFT fans who are inspiring others with their amazing style–a.k.a. YOU.

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  • Step 1: Apply using the link above. Make sure you use the same email address that you wish to receive communications from!
  • Step 2: Check your inbox for details on your next steps to create your account and Storefront.
  • Step 3: Create your account following the steps outlined in the email.
  • Step 4: Share your Storefront on social and start earning today!
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Program Rules

  • Have an active, public Instagram account
  • Follow @loft on Instagram
  • Are at least 18 years old and live in the U.S.
  • Take beautiful, clear, well lit photos that align with our brand's aesthetic. See our style guide.
  • LOFT and Knitwell employees are ineligible to apply


  • To be eligible for rewards, you must sign up on this page and follow the rules outlined above
  • LOFT may use member photos for marketing purposes
  • LOFT may update the program at any time
  • See full terms & conditions here
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What We Love to See

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Ensure you are selecting your favorite products to share on your Storefront. Followers love to see your updated favorites so they can shop them, too!

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Post videos and photos of you wearing and styling your favorite LOFT products. Remember, your UGC will show on your storefront.

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Highlight the brand:

Show off your favorite LOFT product by making sure they are clearly visible. Don’t forget to tag @loft for your post to be seen!

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Be authentic

We hand selected you to have your own Storefront because we believe you represent the LOFT brand. Show your authenticity in your posts.


What is the LOFT Creator Club?

A brand new program, reserved for LOFT fans who are inspiring others with their amazing style. Upon acceptance to the program you are able to create your own Storefront where you can curate all of your favorite products, and then share those picks with your audience. Best part? You have an opportunity to earn more commissions than ever before and get access to exclusive brand perks.

What do I get if I join?

(1) Competitive commissions on products sold using your unique Storefront
(2) The inside scoop on all new product launches and company initiatives.
(3) Monthly product discounts and incentives for content creation.
(4) Opportunities to be featured on LOFT social platforms and in LOFT marketing.

What do creators have to do to participate?

Creators accepted into the program must authentically promote products every month to their social platforms and drive qualifying sales by adding their link to their bios and sharing the message of our brand.

What UGC will show on my storefront?

Feed posts (including carousels) Reels, and Stories will show on your Storefront. Please note that stories will only stay on for the 24-hour period.

What are the program terms?

Read the full LOFT Creator Club Terms & Conditions here (which details Creator obligations including FTC requirements to disclose that you receive commissions and other perks, as well as content requirements), our rights to use the materials you post for marketing, and legal effects (such as an arbitration agreement, your indemnification of LOFT, and limitation of LOFT liability). These terms also contain our Influencer Guidelines which are provided to help you comply with FTC requirements and our expectations.

Can I use content from your site?

You can share any content from our website including product images, and can re-post or share from our social channels, but we’d love it if you posted your own original content!

How much commission do I earn?

Base commission for the Gold tier is 10% on full price purchases and 8% for Silver. Commission may increase during specific promotional periods or on specific product categories. Commission increase opportunities will be communicated in Creator Newsletters, which are sent to members at least once a month.

Is there a limit to how many sales I can earn commission from?

No. The more sales you refer, the more you get paid.

Do I earn commission for the products added to my storefront? Or for sale on any product on the LOFT site?

Almost anything on site! If a customer clicks through your affiliate link, any purchase made in 14 days counts towards your commissions . Customers can navigate anywhere on the page, and make a purchase within 14 days and it'll be attributed back to you accordingly (unless they've clicked through another Creator Club member's link in the meantime). Note--commissions on paid on net sales (i.e. after returns). Gift cards, gift boxes and charity items and similar items excluded.

How do I get paid?

You will receive an email from our partner at Tremendous , clearly stating that the funds are LOFT commissions. The email will come from rewards@reward.tremendous.com. You then need to follow the prompt to collect your funds via bank account or other type. You will receive an email from rewards@reward.tremendous.com

What if I did not receive my payment?

Please reach out to creatorclubsupport@loft.com.

Who do I contact if I have questions on my commissions, rewards and/or the program?

Please contact creatorclubsupport@loft.com.

Do I get rewarded for posting content?

We provide bonus incentives if you post 5 or 7+ times per month. The posts must fully comply with the Terms & Conditions in order to count towards your goal.

How do I become a Gold tier

You must drive a minimum of $10k in net sales in a calendar year to qualify for an upgrade to the GOLD tier. Net sales are less returns, taxes, shipping, and other standard deductions. See the Terms & Conditions for details. Your sales can be tracked by logging in to your Creator Club dashboard. You will only be moved at the beginning of the new month.

What happens if I stop creating and selling?

If you have not driven sales in 3 months, we may remove you from the program. You will have to reapply to be reactivated. If for any reason you need to pause your membership, please email support@creatorclub.com.

Can I visit a LOFT store to create content?

Yes, you can visit your LOFT Store, but please make sure to introduce yourself to a manager when you arrive. Note: LOFT Outlet is not part of this program. Note the content produced when visiting a LOFT Store must comply with the program Terms and Conditions.

What are the FTC guidelines for influencer partnerships?

The FTC requires that anyone who endorses a product or brand and receives compensation to do so must disclose that they have a material connection to the product/brand. Compensation includes not only commissions and cash payments but also free products, gift cards, special access, and special discounts. The FTC's rules and guidelines are located here and here , and include information on where to place the disclosure and what to say. Note that using platform-provided disclosure tools has been deemed by the FTC to be insufficient, and there are rules about how to disclose in audio and in images/video. In addition, LOFT provides its own guidelines which supplement but may not entirely reflect the FTC's requirements. LOFT's guidelines are located in Exhibit A of the Program Terms. You are required to comply with these FTC guidelines and our Influencer Guidelines.